Putting the Family in Family Business

People at Work


The history of an organization—a business, a charitable organization or an institution, such as a hospital or governing body—is biography. It is the story of individuals and their visions in a social and cultural context.

To ensure these stories are compelling and readable to a wide audience, we focus on the people who shape organizations and have them tell the story. Family business, for example, often benefits from this perspective because founding goals and principals are often lost in the course of expansion and product development. As one client from a multigenerational family business said, “I wanted to stop and have a look at where we were going before the family destroyed the business or the business destroyed the family.”

Organization histories are carried out in much the same way as personal histories.

Initial meetings establish the scope and goals of the project. The history can revolve around a key figure or figures, perhaps the founder, or a key period of development, or it can represent an overview.

We make these stories compelling and readable for a wide audience, by focusing on the people who shape institutions and by allowing them to tell their story.



Please Note: To protect our clients’ privacy, we have not used actual names. However, the excerpts and circumstances are exactly as presented. Client references and writing samples are available on request.




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