A Collaborative Process

How We Work

As a first step, we meet and talk. It is important that you have confidence in us and in our ability to work with you, so the first meeting does not commit you to the process.

We discuss your expectations and goals, the timeframe and the number of people we will interview. Histories can be selective and sensitive areas can be bypassed. Some people are uncomfortable focusing solely on themselves, preferring instead a wider focus of times, places and events. Sometimes we meet with family groups, sometimes with an individual.

There are no rules.

The heart of the process is a series of taped conversations. Stories do not have to be related chronologically and the depth of the history will develop over time. The transcriptions are edited, organized and compiled into a narrative that flows and becomes a readable story. The client is the first person to review the drafts and has complete editorial control.

After our first few meetings, we produce a chapter outline and suggest materials that might greatly enhance the book, giving you additional direction. We can also gather photographs and memorabilia to weave into the narrative. We can reproduce and repair very old pictures and certificates, and photograph oil paintings and other items of significance to you.

Through a series of working drafts we hone a final product that is readable, attractive, rich in personal and historical detail, and completely representative of the personal message you wish to relay.

When we have agreed on the text, the document is usually bound in book form. We can bind as few as fifteen copies for a modest price. Sometimes the taped interviews themselves are edited and included on a CD.

All confidences are carefully maintained. There is no particular timeframe; some histories extend over a couple of years, some are completed within months. Much of that is dictated by your schedule.

Creating your history should be an enjoyable and rich experience for you. The skill and sensitivity of Camden Writers helps ensure that it is.




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